TIPS for Selling your Home
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WEST REAL ESTATE offers you the following quick and easy tips to make your home more marketable. Our biggest tip? CONTACT US about listing your home with WEST REAL ESTATE!


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INSIDE your Home

Inspect your house room by room. Make a list of all walls that need painting, carpets that need cleaning, fixtures that need repairing and closets that need cleaning. Then set to work!

Scrub down your kitchen! Remove all refrigerator art, clean out and wash down your cabinets, and remove most kitchen tools and items from your countertops. Make sure all sinks and appliances are clean and shiny. Scrub your oven till it sparkles! And make sure that the floor is clean and the kitchen table is clutter-free.

Maximize your floor space by moving furniture against walls. Consider removing some of your furniture if necessary; sparsely furnished rooms always appear larger.

Never leave with dishes in the sink or dishwasher.

Stay on top of your laundry; never leave unwashed clothes in the laundry room.

Make your bathroom shine! Remove all unnecessary items from countertops, tubs/showers and commode tops. Coordinate towels to look their best, and make sure all fixtures are clean and shiny. Scrub the tub, and remove any rust stains from your sink and toilet bowl.

Get in the habit of making all beds and sweeping and vacuuming all floors daily.

Make your closets look bigger by packing away all items that can be stored elsewhere.

Repair all loose doorknobs, faucets, cabinet doors, etc.

Invest in a can of paint or repair your wallpaper before listing your home. Faded walls and worn woodwork will reduce the appeal of your house.

Open your drapes and curtains, and clean your windows to make your home bright and cheerful. Dark and dreary rooms do not appeal to most home-buyers.

Fix all leaky faucets. Dripping water suggests faulty or worn-out plumbing, and discolored, rust-stained sinks are warning signs.

Keep stairways and corridors clear and free of clutter.

Improve attic, garage and other utility/storage spaces by removing junk, cartons and other articles. Make access to these spaces as easy as possible.

Make certain all light fixtures and bulbs work.

Remove half-dead houseplants.

Keep litterboxes clean at all times.

Clear basement windows of all cobwebs.

Make sure your house smells as good as it looks. Use room fresheners and potpourri to add a fresh clean smell - but don't overdo! If you smoke, consider making your home smoke-free while it is listed.

OUTSIDE your Home

Neatly mow your front lawn, and trim all landscaping. Keep plants from blocking windows. Keep planting areas weeded.

If it's Fall, keep your property as leaf-free as possible.

If it's Winter, shovel and salt all walkways and entrances regularly; THIS INCLUDES BASEMENT EXITS.

Sweep the walk paths, driveway and decks during all seasons.

Make sure that the entrance to your home is clean and welcoming. Wash down your front doors and make sure your doorbell works.

Clear your yard of all 'landmines' left by pets.

Dispose of all unnecessary yard debris, such as old wood, tree clippings, and items that should have been tossed years ago.

Clean your gutters and downspouts and inspect all screens and windows for necessary repairs.

Make your patio/deck look inviting and ready for warm weather entertaining! Wash down all patio furnishings and grills, and remove small items such as empty flower pots, bikes, bags of charcoal, toys, etc.

Paint your mailbox.

Repair all shutters and external fixtures.

Move all garbage cans, wood scraps, building materials, etc. into the garage or other designated area.

Keep your garage tidy, including your workbench and tools. Make sure your garage door opens easily and quietly.


Put the dog or cat outside. Keep all pets out of the way and not underfoot. If your pets must remain indoors, it's always a good idea to tape a small, friendly reminder onto your entrance that holds the lockbox for the realtor. If you you're planning on driving around the block while your house is being shown, consider taking your pet with you.

Consider taking a drive around the block or at a minimum step out back. Potential buyers will feel like an intruder and want to hurry through if you're around while they're there.

Turn on all lights in the house.

Turn off your TV, and set your stereo to a soft FM station when you leave.

Let your agent show your home; if you're there when buyers are, let the agent respond to all questions.

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