Decorating with vases: 3 Quick DIY ideas

by West Real Estate 05/01/2023

Vases are a popular decor item, but they tend to lose their luster after several years or just may not fit with your home decor anymore. But what if there was a new way to revive an old vase, either from your collection or found at your favorite local shop? Given their different shapes and sizes, seemingly outdated pieces, such as vases, make the perfect DIY decor canvas.

Here are three basic ways to revive your old vases, while using them as accent pieces or functional decor:

Rustic inspiration

Rustic decor has grown in popularity and ease-of-application. Where once, a home would need full architectural and interior decor facets to be considered rustic, homeowners can now incorporate the style’s elegance with a few, well-placed pieces.

For example, restore a favorite vase by adding pieces of driftwood to create a custom, rustic piece. Opaque and colorful vases may be easily complemented by a tall, slender piece of wood, while a glass vase may better utilize smaller pieces, to create a small yet visible landscape.

Lively terrariums

Flowers are often synonymous with vases. However, not all vases need to be used for flowers. In fact, vases with wider mouths and large bowls are top picks for custom terrariums. These shapes are excellent for easy plants, such as cacti and succulents. All you need is the proper soil, a good place to adhere to your plants’ needs and your ideal style.

Within minutes, you could have a perfect piece of living art for your home.

Class with glass

Glass beads are another exceptional choice for vase filling. They come in a wide range of hues, textures, sizes and designs, making them an exceptional decoration accessory for those with glass vases.

Choose your ideal color or design. Then decide how you want them to present within your vase. Do you prefer the solid accent piece? Perhaps a striped foundation of alternating designs is more your style. You could also show your style through abstract patterns or other eclectic methods.

Whether your vases need a fresh coat of paint and lacquer, or you want to find ways to upcycle a new treasure and incorporate it in a whole new design, these vase decorating ideas and styles will help you get started.