Home office: How to create a space for optimal productivity

by West Real Estate 04/01/2024

As work from home opportunities grow throughout the nation, many workers are now tasked with setting up an office space at home. It can be tedious having to set up monitors, printers and other office supplies in spaces previously reserved for other purposes. However, with the right planning, you can arrange an at-home office with a few simple steps. 

Dedicated space

First, dedicate a space for your office setup, whether in a separate room or dividing the area of a space already occupied for other use. It’s vital this space or room is neat and away from loud noises if possible to promote optimal concentration and productivity. 

Add furniture with sleek & comfortable design 

Creating a sleek, aesthetically pleasing environment can keep you in a great mind frame while working. For example, you can add a modern wooden L-shape desk along with a comfortable swivel office chair and a desk lamp with a unique design. 

This setup allows you to place and store your monitors and supplies with ease and accessibility, while being comfortable. If you’re going to be in one placed for hours, creating an engaging, pleasant and well lit space will help in making sure your work environment doesn’t feel cramped and boring. 

Cabinets & storage ideas

When designing your modern home office, add ample cabinet and storage space to prevent workbooks and paperwork from being stuffed away in an unorganized fashion. 

Consider adding user-friendly, portable office drawers if your home office doesn’t have adequate storage. If you have limited space, try adding storage bins which can simply slide under your work desk to store printer paper, markers or any other needed supplies. Proper storage keeps items organized and can discourage clutter. 

Ready to start designing a stylish office setup? Once you’ve dedicated a space, consider your work needs, and add needed items best suiting your work goals.